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BT Sourced wants to be ready for the future, and PRISM has lifted our gaze. What stands out is their constant drive toward a better solution.

PRISM's approach is creative, collaborative, and deeply substantive. They provide insightful, nuanced, and actionable insights that are tailored to our needs.

PRISM has made us work better as a leadership team. They bring a clear way of thinking about issues and a collaborative approach to strategizing for the future.

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Cyril Pourrat

Chief Procurement Officer

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Michael Fitzpatrick

Director, Global Strategy & Innovation

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Ryan Maibach

Chief Executive Officer


The world is complex and ever-changing. The amount of information available is overwhelming to track and digest, and it isn't tailored to business needs.
PRISM is a political risk consulting firm that provides research, analysis, and expertise that simplifies the complexity of the global macro landscape. 
Our approach helps executives and their teams make strategic decisions in high-stakes world.
We don’t just provide answers to your questions. We find solutions to your problems.
Read PRISM's perspective on key issues shaping our tomorrow.


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PRISM in the Media

In the Media: PRISM facilitates BT Sourced crisis simulation

Stay ahead of macro shifts with PRISM's practical approach to preparing for an uncertain future. PRISM delivers information and analysis to equip your business for every scenario.

Get future-ready today. 

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