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Gain advantage by managing macro risk volatility

About us

PRISM combines the best of macro risk advisory and management consulting to drive better business outcomes for global companies.


Our focus is on delivering both risk mitigation and opportunity capture, with a critical assessment of macro issues purely through the lens of your business outcomes, analysis designed to enable your decisions, and options anchored in ROI.


Our services are applied across revenue and cost optimization, addressing macro challenges from geographic and issue lenses.


Our approach is underpinned by the believe that to help you succeed, what is needed is not “more” information, but the right information, translated to support your decisions, and connected to all of the right stakeholders.


Prism regularly writes short perspectives with advice on how to navigate macro risk. The goal of these pieces is to capture key insights from global events and our experiences with clients, but without the need to parse through a lengthy white paper - in sum, the TLDR version of macro analysis.

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