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In the Media: PRISM facilitates BT Sourced crisis simulation

Read a recent profile in the Financial Times about a recent crisis simulation held by BT Sourced and how PRISM helped to organize it.

PRISM helped facilitate a crisis simulation to prepare the organization for the disruption from a potential conflict between China and Taiwan.

In the interview, PRISM co-founder Johan Gott told the FT why it is increasingly important for procurement organizations to prepare for crises through simulations like those held with BT Sourced: "Supply suddenly on the front lines of geopolitical [tensions]”.

Gott said simulations are delivered through a series of fictional news flashes, such as during a video call. This puts "stress on participants" forcing them to "make decisions under time pressure", he said.

Read the full article here.

Interested in organizing a PRISM Crisis Simulation for your organization? Get in touch.


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