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Success Stories

PRISM works with the leadership teams of some of the world's most respected companies. They trust us to ask the right questions and develop practical plans that will help then win as the world changes.

Tubes of metal sheeting

NextRisk Tracker // Procurementorganization

Our client had no way to prioritize emerging risks and was caught in reactive mode when business stakeholders asked for updates. 

We implemented the NextRisk Tracker to navigate factors including post-Brexit regulatory uncertainty, heavy reliance on Chinese suppliers, and supply chain shortages.

Over one hundred leaders and team members now use the system and participate in the PRISM monthly briefings.

Bicyclist delivering food

Regulation monitoring //
Food delivery platform

The food delivery industry deals with a constant of new regulations, formulated across dozens of markets. Keeping up on new regulations beyond core markets was time consuming and difficult.

PRISM provided policy monitoring to senior leaders to inform its potential entry into new high-growth markets that are notoriously hard to monitor.

All regional heads now have transparency of the most pressing risks in both home and potential future markets and awareness of future disruptive regulations.

Lines of computer code

Foresight // Big Tech

How could our government relations client prepare for coming policy discussions at the same time as they were firefighting incoming new legislation?

PRISM prepared the organization to see around corners and anticipate future AI regulation by keeping tabs on the debate among governments, competitors, and social society groups.

The government relations team is now able to prioritize advocacy efforts and product teams have more clarity for investment decisions based on the likely future regulatory landscape.

Construction crane at sunset

Crisis simulation // Construction

PRISM ran a wargame to showcase how a conflict would play out, what warning signs to look out for, and what impact it would have on the business.

We know that a military conflict in the Taiwan Straits would create havoc on the US economy and supply chains. How can our client best prepare?

The leadership team was able to start with no regrets mitigations while planning for more robust responses in case a conflict draws near.

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