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Set your business up for success

Expert deep-dive reports on your highest-interest issues give you the right information to engage your business and product counterparts and comment on regulatory developments.

Get smart without scrolling

Bite-sized analysis and briefings keep your team up to date on the topics you need to track.

From niche local issues to regulatory developments in other countries, we have you covered.

Lead the debate

Our briefings, talking points, and slide decks give your leaders a compelling point of view, empowering them to drive high-profile discussions.

PRISM watches policy trends and risks so that your government affairs team can strategically position your company for a changing future. 

Instead of skimming the headlines, spend your time tackling urgent issues and shaping the debate on regulatory topics that can make or break your business.​

Taxi with Chinese signs

Set the policy agenda

instead of reacting to it


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Head of Canada Policy and Government Relations

Leading food delivery platform

Monitoring other markets is important as policymakers often take cues from other countries. PRISM has helped us monitor emerging trends around the world and spot the risks early so we can take action."

Artificial intelligence
Climate and sustainability
Competition and antitrust
Data protection and privacy
Digital platforms regulation
Gig work
Online content and liability
Trust and safety

PRISM provides subject matter expertise on the following topics, among others. Work with us to track the topics that matter to your business.

Example policy areas we track


  • Horizon scanning workshop

  • Monthly all-access report

  • Quarterly webinar


  • Horizon scanning workshop

  • Monthly all-access report

  • Monthly private briefing

  • Policy deep dives

  • Strategy workshop


What we do

When to use it

Identify key topics

Horizon scanning workshop

Workshop to identify and assess key policy areas with government affairs and business stakeholders

During annual planning

& update 

Policy briefings

Regular policy briefing and reporting to continuously spot developments and risks and update your advocacy plan as needed

Throughout the year

As needed

Deep dive reports

Double-click on pressing issues with in-depth research and analysis

Go deep

Before annual planning cycle

Strategy workshop

Workshop to translate policy issues into impact on business decisions, roadmaps, and advocacy efforts

Plan your strategy


Policy squad

Your outsourced government affairs function, integrated into your rhythm of business. Expert Q&A, deep-dive meetings, and ongoing risk analysis for government affairs teams

Augment your
government affairs function



all-access report


live webinar

all-access report tailored to your business


private briefing for your team


per year


per year

Contact us

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Contact us

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