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Policy and political risk

We develop comprehensive research reports with your key decision-makers using proven analytical frameworks. We facilitate briefings and workshops to help your team understand our findings and develop sound strategic responses.

Political and policy risks have become more frequent and severe, especially for businesses that drive new regulatory discussions and market behavior.

Market and event strategy

We deliver extensive research and on-the-ground insights, their implications for your business, and recommendations to shape your response.

Major global developments, market swings, or entry into unfamiliar geographies warrant targeted assessments. Our methods ensure that you ask the critical questions early.

Scenario planning

We help you plan for the medium and long term by exploring how key drivers could intertwine in the future.

Our comprehensive scenario planning process draws on methods developed at Oxford University to help you prepare for what's next. The planning process is a valuable exercise for all stakeholders, enabling them to examine key variables and build a shared vision for response.

Footprint optimization

We ensure that you can make informed decisions for the future, providing recommendations that are continuously updated to reflect new data and relevant risks.

Our approach takes into account factors such as market expansion, supply chain reshoring, data center locations, and employee working habits, allowing you to choose the best markets and local strategies for your goals.

Make informed decisions about future courses of action by taking into account political and economic changes, competition, and trends.

Strategy is not about predicting the future, but about asking the right questions, recognizing gaps in knowledge, and finding the information you need to fill those gaps.

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