Our services

Our services are applied across revenue and cost optimization, addressing macro challenges from geographic and issue lenses.

Strategic planning


Foresight future possibilities amidst high uncertainty


Conduct scenario planning exercises


Model and quantify scenarios



Example experiences

Scenario planning for future of manufacturing with World Economic Forum


Analysis of evolution of global regulatory trends for a technology firm


Design of executive scenario planning workshops with Oxford University

Market prioritization


Assess new market opportunities


Prioritize and sequence market selection


Understand risk trade-offs



Example experiences

Asia market prioritization and entry strategy for US agriculture firm


Assessing 20 year evolution of key emerging markets for aerospace manufacturer


Identification of growth markets for health & wellness services in Canadian provinces

Risk mitigation


Identify and prioritize macro risks


Quantify exposure and highlight key areas for mitigation


Execute mitigation strategies



Example experiences

Macro risk prioritization and deep-dive on key risks for industrials conglomerate


Global risk identification and prioritization for a Japanese technology firm


Wargaming trade risks and response options for major US retailer

Footprint optimization


Assess supply chain location options


Compare location opportunities


Optimize footprint accounting for benefits and risks



Example experiences

Location optimization assessment for call center services for IT company


Dynamic macro risk concentration model for major US bank


Supply chain risk visibility platform for Brazilian chemicals manufacturer