Our approach

To help you succeed, what is needed is not “more” information, but the right information, translated to support your decisions, and connected to all of the right stakeholders.

The value chain of macro risk management


Basic data is widely available but frustrating to collect, while complex analysis comes in a wide range of lengthy prose that often only serves to confuse.


Our solution is underpinned by the knowledge that what needed is not more data, but a focus on selecting the right data and making it relevant – this is done through narrowing the focus to what really impacts your P&L.


Data needs effective translation to make it relevant and useful to support decisions – most advisors don’t do this translation, and the right-level of internal skill and resources is rare.


We translate data into actionable intelligence through simple and transparent logic, enabling your organization to immediately up-skill risk management capabilities and drive financial returns.


Macro risk advice too often just targets the C-suite - lack of day-to-day decision-maker involvement leads companies to miss opportunities and be unnecessarily exposed to risk.


Our focus is on getting the right information connected to the right decision maker at the right time, and avoiding “macro jargon” to speak the common language of numbers and action options.