Core principles

Three principles underpin everything we do – these principles separate effective macro management from ‘boardroom entertainment’.

Focused on business levers

The macro environment can often be complex and confusing. We make sure to understand your business in detail, so we can map how macro issues will impact the profitability levers of your company.


This allows us to translate our analysis into real implications, run sensitivity analysis under different scenarios, and create real business context for our macro analysis and recommendations.

Tied to decisions

All of our work is designed to enable your decision-making. To maintain that focus, we consciously work to structure the knowable from the unknowable and focus on what you can actually do about both.


We work to understand your business in-depth, exclusively focus on what is relevant for the decisions, and provide clear optionality under different scenarios in our recommendations.

Driving return on investment

We focus our analysis and recommendations through the lens of returns, ensuring this is built into decision options, and building in economic trade-offs under different scenarios.


In addition, we ensure that the mitigation system itself is cost effective, gathering only the information needed to enable decisions, and analyzing with an eye to reducing the load on your teams.