PRISM combines the best of macro risk advisory and management consulting to drive better business outcomes for global companies.

What is PRISM

PRISM combines the best of political risk advisories and management consulting. 


We think like a political risk advisory - bringing over 20 years of expertise focused on macro trends in business, further augmented by an expert network for in depth analysis of particular topics.


We work with you like management consultants - engaging in a collaborative way to gain a deep understanding of your business, focus on outcomes and decisions, and committing to driving results to your bottom line.

Why we started PRISM

We started PRISM to address the challenges companies face in navigating macro risk.


Rising volatility

De-globalization, pandemics, global recession, and great power rivalry


See the challenges

Companies struggling with the latest crisis and often acting too late


Frustrated by macro advisers

Political wonkery, focus on money markets, lack of business implications


Clients in need

Executives operating globally but lacking the tools to manage macro events


Vision of a new way

Business outcomes, decision support, and repeatable solutions


With a simple bottom line

Get busy professionals back to their day jobs and away from fire fighting